Precious Drawings for mothers and children, an original gift idea for adults and children to always carry with them.

Have you ever thought about wanting to keep a memory of your baby with you forever? And give your little girl a necklace with a pendant of her favorite drawing?

This is who Disegni Preziosi was born for, a truly unique and original gift idea, tailor-made for every mother or child. n fact, just this year we launched a new special project, that of Precious Drawings, a line of pendants with a long history behind them and a truly particular and unique design.

When Francesca, one of Luigi Porro’s nieces, today owner of the historic Goldsmith Laboratory of Brera together with her sister Marta, was just a child, she had a great passion for dogs, but unfortunately she never had one. Among the various drawings he made, his father Mario Porro found a beautiful drawing of a little dog and so he decided for his sixth birthday to make that very drawing, making it a precious gold pendant. From the desire to give every child their dream and to mothers a special memory of their children, the idea of creating this new line of unique and tailor-made pendants based on children’s drawings was born.

Each Precious Design is unique and made to order. Perfect as a gift idea, the Precious Drawings are ideal for mothers, grandmothers and aunts, who wish to wear a souvenir of their most precious affection. But also ideal for little girls who want to start wearing a small bracelet or necklace, also ideal as a communion or confirmation gift. If you want to commission your Precious Drawing, it’s very simple. You can send us your child’s drawing, we will study its creation and setting and will propose different solutions for the creation of your tailor-made jewel. From a simple pendant to a necklace, as well as original earrings or a bracelet. Here is a special and original gift idea, different from the usual.

For more information, contact us directly, we will be happy to study your Precious Drawing with you.

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