Many times we think we have everything and don’t need anything more. But that’s exactly where the whim comes to life! Even more so if the treat contains an authentic preciousness given by the affection of those who give it to us.
Apparently it is an object but it embodies the beautiful gesture of giving. Donating, wonderful for those who do it, magnificent for those who receive it. And it is like this, in this consumerist and always in a hurry world that the “hand made” jewel comes to life. I think it, I study it, I choose it and I choose it precisely for you, the person I love.

I study its beautiful details looking for the right shape and those characteristics that best represent you but with all my love in the choice: this is the perfect gift. The gift we want to give, receive and why not, even give ourselves to gratify ourselves, a cuddle.

It is with the goldsmith craftsman that we can give life to our dream.
The most creative ones start from nothing or from a distant idea to reach the perfect jewel, the one they designed; others who are more shy will look at models to be inspired.
We all have a creative streak, which is nice to let express.

This finds greater meaning in a precious jewel, a small work of art, which as happened and always happens in art leaves a mark over time and its preciousness of material and meaning, will never make it “disposable” but made to last over time and perhaps pass on.
This will be a precious birthday!

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