For every SKIN its JEWEL

The goal of wearing jewelry is to feel special and unique!

The right jewelry can do a lot to accentuate your beauty and make you attractive to that special someone BUT ESPECIALLY IN YOUR EYES. Although each person has their own tastes and each choice is not debatable, there are gems with colors that seem to stand out better on a certain skin rather than on another. Skin tone is given by the color we have beneath the surface and very often falls into two categories, dark or light. You may have similar skin to someone else but surprisingly not the same shade, jewelry and skin tone are two things that we absolutely need to match harmoniously. As a rule, there is a close connection between the skin undertone, the shade under the eyes and the color of the hair. Take all these details into consideration when choosing jewelry.


If you have a warm skin tone or sport a nice tan, look towards yellow gold, rose gold, bronze, copper and gold brass. However, if your skin tone shifts towards cooler shades, you will look great with silver, white gold and platinum jewellery. Fair skin seems to benefit from bold colors, such as red rubies or spinels, garnets, tourmalines, intense blue tanzanites, blue sapphires, topaz, or purple amethysts, but also coral. In addition to stones, pearls must be mentioned: white ones are fine. Warm colors, such as those of yellow sapphires or topaz, citrine, orange garnets, and green emeralds, jade or peridot are suitable for darker skin types.

“Like virtue, the precious stone is beautiful when simply worn”

Coral and Tahitian pearls are particularly recommended for dark skin. As always, there are some exceptions to the rules. Medium skin tones look good with any metal. In this case it is important to find the right balance while avoiding excesses. You can also choose a second complementary shade by purchasing “duo” combinations with metals and precious stones. Are you still undecided about which jewel to wear with that cute dress hanging in the wardrobe? There is no simpler answer than diamonds! Perfect on both dark and light skin, don’t be afraid to let the diamond in YOU shine by adorning it with as many of these PRECIOUS stones The combinations between jewels and skin tones are infinite and even the eyes, hair and clothes influence the harmony of the outfit. So, as always, dare!


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